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Jura E8 Review

July 20, 2019 4 min read

Jura E8 Review

If you love strong coffee and you’re looking for a machine that allows you to get café-style coffees with just a press of a button, then the Jura E8 Espresso Coffee Machine is definitely worth considering. The coffee machine makes use of the revolutionary PEP (Pulse Extraction Process) technology that helps to optimize the extraction time, allowing you to prepare specialty coffees with a range of aromas and intensity.

The Jura E8 offers 8 varying intensity levels and 12 varieties of specialty beverages. You can customize your coffee any way you desire, right from cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos to flat whites and lots more. You can adjust the strength of the coffee, the amount dispensed and the temperature. The 6-level AromaG3 coffee grinder of the Jura E8 ensures that your coffee is ground optimally every time and the fine foam technology ensures that you get fine foam that is light as air to make your cuppa perfect every time.

Let us look at the company that brings to you the Jura E8 coffee maker and here is also an in-depth Jura E8 review that will allow you to take a detailed look at the various features of this machine and get to know more about the espresso coffee machine.

About Jura

Jura Elektroapparate AG was started in 1931 by Leo Henzirohs. With its headquarters in Niederbuchsiten, the Swiss company manufactures and distributes home appliances. Jura had its own factory earlier; however, since the 1990s, the company has outsourced its production.

Jura is best known for its automatic coffee/ espresso machines since the mid-1980s and has built a wealth of experience in this industry. Jura has also played a key role in shaping the household sector. Today, most of the company’s sales come from coffee machines and Jura is represented in over 50 countries by its joint ventures, distributors and sales companies.

The espresso machines are manufactured in Romanshorn by Eugster/Frismag, which also produces machines for several other brands such as Bosch, AEG and Siemens. In the past, Jura was a manufacturer of other home appliances like clothes irons. However, by the end of 2008, they stopped distributing irons, except in Switzerland, where they offer a limited range of products like clothes irons, a pretzel iron and a retro-style toaster.

 Jura E8 Espresso Coffee Machine Review

Jura’s espresso machines are distributed across the world to the U.S. the U.K., Canada, Austria, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Spain and Sweden. In Australia and Eastern Europe, the company has its joint ventures or its own distribution companies. The brand ambassador for Jura is Roger Federer. The brand Jura is renowned for its innovation, quality, reliability, precision and service.

Now, we will give you a lowdown of the features of the coffee maker in our Jura E8 review.


  • PEP Technology: The PEP or Pulse Extraction Process technology helps to optimize the extraction time and delivers the best aroma for specialty coffees such as espresso and ristretto. The PEP helps to regulate the pressure of the brew and offers tastier shots and better crema.
  • Aroma Grinder: The coffee machine features the 6-level AromaG3 grinder which grinds the coffee beans 2x faster and preserves the aroma of the coffee beans.
  • Fine Foam Frother: The fine foam frother is made of top-quality material and the milk siphon automatically froths the milk and you can control the texture of the froth using the inbuilt dial. The frother has been specially designed to prepare specialty coffees such as latte, macchiato, cappuccino and other beverages with the best fine foam.

 Jura E8 Espresso Coffee Machine

  • More specialty Coffee Options: With just a press of the button, the Jura coffee machine can prepare 12 kinds of specialty coffees. It also provides hot water for specialty coffee, green tea, espresso macchiato and espresso doppio. The coffee maker also offers 8 levels of strength of the coffee as you want.
  • Programming Options:The coffee maker offers a range of programming options that allows you to control the grind, temperature, dose, milk and volume options.
  • Attractive Looks:The premium ridged design of the Jura coffee maker has a clear water tank, which features a high-quality metal handle.
  • Cup Grille: The coffee maker has a chrome-plated cup grille that helps to showcase your perfect cup of specialty coffee.
  • Buttons and TFT Display:The coffee machine features buttons in the front and a TFT display, which makes the operation of the machine extremely easy.
  • Intelligent Water System (IWS):The coffee maker is equipped with the IWS (Intelligent Water System) that offers optimum water filtration and it has an inbuilt RFID chip that alerts you when it needs to be replaced.
  • Easy Cleaning: The automatic rinse profiles of the coffee maker and the automatic rinsing of the milk system makes the maintenance of the coffee maker extra easy.


  • The water tank of the coffee maker is removable and located at the side, which makes it very easy to access.
  • You can adjust the grinder manually to get a coarse or fine grind according to your preference.
  • The coffee maker has a knob that allows you to select from 8 programs which include the hardness and aroma levels.
  • The automatic shut-off time of the coffee maker allows you to set the time and also instructs the machine to shut off, which helps to reduce overheating and accidents.
  • The clear display screen is very easy to read and provides helpful prompts.
  • You can get hot water at 3 different temperatures.
  • The coffee maker is extremely easy to clean and the smart filter makes for easy maintenance.
  • The coffee maker has a 64 oz. water reservoir that works along with the internal filtration system of the machine and helps to remove deposits like calcium, etc. from the water.


  • Quite noisy when grinding the coffee beans.
  • The piano black texture of the coffee maker gets fingerprints all over very easily.
  • Quite pricey.


Now that you have read our Jura E8 review, you would have understood how you can get get coffee using the machine. With the Jura E8 coffee machine, you can prepare your specialty coffees easily with just a press of a button and enjoy them in the comfort of your home. The machine offers a whole range of coffee options and also the option of getting just hot milk and hot water. The features of the Jura E8 and its excellent performance along with its compact size makes this coffee machine a perfect investment for your home.