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Whiskey Barrel Ice Baller

2.75 Inch (70mm) Ice Ball Press Mold- Whiskey Barrel Ice Baller

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Brand: Whiskey Barrel Ice Baller

Color: Black


  • Makes large 2.75" ice spheres or ice balls by converting a block of ice into a sphere
  • whiskey barrel styling - best ice ball press styling
  • Great for home bars, man caves, and a great gift idea!
  • Ice ball ejector knob, helps to pop the ice ball out of the press
  • Kit includes ice ball press, 3 mold cups, 2 thick bottom whiskey glasses, tongs, black rubber drip tray, drainage hose, FREE Clear ice making kit

Details: Ice ball maker. This is the premium "Whiskey Barrel ICE Baller". This is an ice ball press that melts a block of ice into a spherical ball of ice. Ice balls melt much slower than regular ice cubes, this means LESS dilution in your drink! This press is 8" tall, 5.5" diameter, and milled using 6061 aircraft quality aluminum. After milling, the press is anodized black and then re-machined for the barrel bands. This equates to a full 16 pounds of thermal mass, enough to make multiple ice balls in a row. This is not a lightweight, wimpy item. Our massive 2.75" ice ball (70mm sphere) is the largest ice ball size available in the world. Usage is easy via our exclusive 'stay up' top mold system which allows you to keep the top half in the UP position, allowing you to insert a slug of ice into the press. After pressing, a quick twist of the cam lifter knob to 'pop' up the ice ball from the bottom mold. Using the rubber drip tray or the optional rubber drain hose to drain the melting water into a sink drain!! Nothing else available compares to the benefits in this Premium Ice ball press. It has the MOST features of ANY ice ball press in the WORLD. The kit includes one Ice Ball press, 2 whiskey glasses, 3 cup molds, a black rubber drip tray, a 24" long silicone drainage hose and 6" stainless steel ice tongs. This ice ball press will produce 2-3 ice balls in one consecutive session, but you can easily warm the press for more ice ball production by running or soaking the unit in hot water. It's great for home bars or anyone who like to drink whiskey, scotch, bourbon, etc. 'on the rocks'. A must for the higher end whiskeys, craft distilled spirits etc. Awesome for other drinks like White Russians, RumChata, etc. Thanks, from Whiskey Barrel Ice Baller, the worlds Premium ice ball press. Exclusive CLEAR ICE KIT is now INCLUDED as a free gift. This is a 3 cup method that uses the 'directional freezing' method to produce a clear 'plug' of ice to be used in the ice ball press.

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EAN: 0692264024016