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Automatic Donut Maker Commercial Donut Making Machine Doughnut Fryer Donuts Frying Collecting Molding Machine with 3 Sizes Molds

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Color: grey


  • 500pcs/h Automatic Dount Maker
  • With 3 sizes moulds
  • With counter
  • With timer
  • Stainless steel

Details: Application
Cooking and operation:
Dispensing- The T-101 is a single drop "line astern" machine (side by side for Mini Donuts) As each Donut is dispensed from the hopper it drops into the oil and then moved down the oil carriageway via the gear driven Paddle Wheel at the head of the carriageway. As such, the next Donut is dropped behind the one in front.
Conveyor- The T-101 uses a "Flip" method. As the Donut moves down the carriageway it will come up against the Flip doors. The internal cam gear operates the slide arm that moves the doors up and the Donut is then "Flipped" into the second part of the oil carriageway or into your catch tray/bin at the end of the machine. Drop adjustment can be set to ensure easy flow of donuts over the flip doors.
Cleaning and Maintenance- The T-101 can be easily dissembled for cleaning. All motors are easily removed and have adjusting screws. The oil carriageway easily removes from the oil tank. There is also an external oil drain for end of day oil filtration.
Safety Features- The T-101 is fitted with an over temperature sensor should your oil level drop below the required minimum. All safety features do not substitute for correct operation and maintenance.

This donut machine is similar to Lil Orbits Mini Donut Machine
Power: 110V-220V/50-60HZ 3KW
Output: 300-500 PCS/H
Make Donut size: 3cm-5cm, 5cm-7cm, 7cm-10cm, 8CM is the common size in supermarket and donut chains.
Pakaging: export shipping crate
Machine size: 110 x 40 x 65 CM
Packing size: 100 x 50 x 57 CM
N.W.: 30KGS
G.W.: 40KGS
CE approved

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EAN: 6682783194073