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U.S. Solid

Hot Chocolate Maker- Commercial Hot Beverage Dispenser Machine, Temperature Control from 30°C to 90°C, Easy To Clean 120V Hot Chocolate Maker with Dispensing Spigot, 5 Liter, a U.S. Solid Product

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Brand: U.S. Solid

Color: Black


  • HOT CHOCOLATE MAKER: A hot chocolate maker allows you to make a large quantity of hot chocolate at one time; This machine will mix the beverage while it is heating up, which will ensure that there are no clumps
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL: The temperature of the beverage can be set between 30°C and 90°C; For best results, it is best to keep the temperature set at 60°C
  • DIGITAL DISPLAY: It's easy to read digital display will help you to set the precise temperature for your hot chocolate; The display will also give you a temperature readout while your hot chocolate is heating up; Always know how hot your beverage is with the live temperature readout while the machine is on
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The entire machine disassembles to make for easy cleaning; This machine is meant to be hand washed only; Do NOT put in the dishwasher
  • CAPACITY: This machines five liter capacity will be more than enough to satisfy your entire family

Details: You can count on the U.S. Solid Hot Chocolate Maker to deliver the perfect pour each time. This state of the art system continuously stirs your mixture while heating to keep your hot chocolate mixed and ready to serve, while also keeping clumps out of your drinks, which will ensure that the last sip is just as smooth and fresh as the first. Our machine features a five liter tank and temperature control heater that can be set between 30°C and 90°C. The easy to read LCD screen gives you complete control of the adjustable thermostat. When the temperature is set, the machine will start mixing and heating up your beverage. Once the beverage has reached the temperature that has been set, the heating function will turn off automatically. Heating will only turn on again when the beverage has dropped below the set temperature. The anti-clog spigot and the large plastic drip tray will help to avoid messy spills, thus ensuring that your countertops stay clean. U.S. Solids durable and easy to clean hot beverage dispenser will be a great addition to anyone's personal kitchen or small convenience store.

UPC: 888107086710

EAN: 0888107086710