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Professional Wall-mounted Corkscrew BOJ (Black Nickeled)

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Brand: BOJ

Color: Black Nickeled


  • OPERATION: with the BOJ wall-mounted corkscrew is very easy to open wine bottles with efficiency. The leverage arm of this opener measures 12 inches to maximize extracting power, with an overall height of 22 inches. Place the bottle in the holder: it is not necessary to hold the bottle. The wall -mounted corkscrew is very sturdy and the mechanism works smoothly.
  • USAGE: primarily designed for places with a high volume of openings like restaurants, wineries, bars, wine tasting rooms or caterings. However, customers tend to purchase it to give a professional touch to home bars or enhance beautiful kitchens. Unique as a personal or corporate gift.
  • MATERIALS: both the handle and backing are made of sapele, a large tree native to tropical Africa, also known as aboudikro. Some luxury car manufacturers use the same wood for its high-end vehicles. The body is mostly made of zamak, a resistant material with a base metal of zinc and alloying elements. The worm is a strong milled spiral made of steel. Only by special order, it is available a 24 karat gold model. All necessary mounting screws included.
  • WORLDWIDE PATENT: the wall mount corkscrew was originally designed 75 years ago by Santiago Olaneta, son of the founder, and his design team. Improved with the feedback of thousands of thousands of hours of operation from customers.
  • MADE IN HOUSE in Spain for decades. BOJ, a third generation family-owned company in the north of Spain, designs and manufactures unique wine tools in the same workshop since 1905.

Details: When in use, it allows you to select from three different penetration depths, by using two knobs at the base of the unit. The elegant finish and the natural wood handle add elegance to any area, ensuring versatility in mounting location. To Select Penetration Depth: 1. Loosen the screw adjustment while holding the knob on the opposite side. 2. Move into the desired position and tighten the screw. There are three positions available: - Uppermost position - Partial extraction: 1 7/8" - Middle position - Short cork complete extraction/or long cork partial extraction: 2 1/8" - Lowest position - Full extraction: 2 3/8" NOTE: Partial extraction is useful for banquet room functions where the wine can be partly opened a placed on the tables hours before the event. Overall Dimensions: Width: 2 3/8" Depth: 12 5/8" Height: 12 5/8" Height with Handle Up: 22" Arm Length: 12"

EAN: 8425131099242