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Raclette Melter SUPER for One or Two 1/2 Wheels of Cheese

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Brand: RacletteCorner

Color: Black


  • Holds one or two 1/2 wheels of cheese
  • Approx. 150 servings an hour
  • Suited for restaurant use
  • Holding unit turns, swivels, and tilts, Natural Stone base for extra weight
  • Made in Switzerland

Details: The SUPER is a raclette melter suited for use in a professional environment. It can hold 2 1/2 wheels of raclette cheese to alternate melting and scraping to speed up the serving process (approx. 150 servings per hour). This raclette melter features an automatic elevating mechanism and lowering device for optimal distance to the heat source. To alternate the two 1/2 wheels, the holding unit spins. The melted cheese can than be tilted and scraped of onto the plate. To interrupt the melting process the whole cheese unit can be swiveled away from the heating source. When not in use the raclette melter can be easily taken apart for storage. Natural stone base for extra weight. Made in Switzerland! This item is not always in stock and has to be special ordered! Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery!

EAN: 7611884001408