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Riedel 1756/13 Amadeo Decanter, Clear

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Brand: Riedel

Color: Clear


  • Hand-made crystal decanter with unique harp shape design
  • Capacity is 52 7/8 ounces and the height is 13 7/8 inches
  • Beautiful gift item or perfect addition for your home bar collection
  • All hand-made items are made in the european economic community
  • Hand washing recommended

Details: This Riedel Amadeo decanter was specially designed and created to commemorate the Riedel family's 250th anniversary, and is truly a gorgeous work of art. Hand-made by very skilled artisans, this piece shares the same elegant form as a harp. The decanter features sensuous curves in a U-shape, with the pour spout Graduating up to a delicate point. This piece is beautiful on any table, and introduces more oxygen to its contents, thus allowing the wine to open up and fully develop to its maximum potential.

Brilliant and spirited, like a Mozart piece come to life, the Amadeo decanter named in the composer's honor is a lasting work of art. Mouth-blown of crystal by master European glassblowers, the decanter forms a U-shape unlike any other made by Riedel, appropriate for its role as commemorative decanter for the innovative Austrian company's 250th anniversary. A full bottle of wine may be decanted into the wider side of the graceful U, which then serves as a handle for pouring the wine into glasses out through the narrower opening. The angled tops of each side perfectly align in a visual plane, a crisp counterpoint to the fluidly curved belly.

A decanter allows either a young or old wine to fully develop before drinking. The Amadeo decanter, a superb gift for the wine connoisseur who also appreciates modern design, holds a full capacity of 59 ounces, and measures 13-7/8 inches in height. An opaque black version is also available. To preserve the clarity of the fine Riedel crystal, the decanter should be carefully washed by hand in hot, soapy water and allowed to air dry. --Ann Bieri

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