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Simplex by Newey & Bloomer

Simplex Tea Kettle Buckingham No 3 Solid Copper Chrome Plated Whistling Tea Kettle For Gas Stoves by Newey & Bloomer

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Brand: Simplex by Newey & Bloomer


  • 100% solid copper and and lined by hand with pure lead-free tin
  • Melodically whistles through the lid when water reaches boiling point.
  • Solid brass handles, brackets and embellishments
  • "Stay cool" hand turned solid beechwood handle
  • Newey & Bloomer signature spout with centre seam, birds mouth spout, designed to give a perfect, even pour

Details: Produced in the 21st century using techniques of ages past, the Simplex tea kettle from Newey & Bloomer is a masterful creation. From its base coil, designed for gas stoves, ensuring a rapid boil and superior heat retention, to its signature spout - each handmade Newey & Bloomer kettle is a work of art. Manufacturing these wonderful pieces of history takes over a month in our Birmingham factory, but we take great pride in our heritage so be sure to look out for the bases, proudly stamped 'Made in England' as they have done since Newey & Bloomer first began making kettles in 1903. Listen for its distinctive whistle and watch for the glimmer that is the mirror finished chrome-plated kettle exterior. The Buckingham No 3 by Newey & Bloomer will look gorgeous in any kitchen, is easy to maintain and will make the simplest thing (a cup of tea) a pleasure.

EAN: 5060527030138