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Touch Coffee & Beverages

Touch Pro Single Serve Coffee Brewer Commercial Pourover - Black Coffee Maker with Full K-Cup Pod Compatibility & Rapid Brew Technology - T714CP

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Brand: Touch Coffee & Beverages

Color: Black


  • Hook up to water line - plumb-ready water tank adapted to fit a 1/4" od water line
  • Hotter - unlike the leading competitor, Touch brewers brew at the optimum temperature, up to 200°f for extracting full-bodied flavor
  • Bolder - in addition to the optimum brew temperature, Touch brewers feature an Extra efficient brew cycle that maximizes water-coffee contact, resulting in a richer, bolder taste in every cup. Choose from three brew strengths: mild, medium, or bold
  • Faster - our patent pending rapid brew technology starts brewing in under 20 seconds. Plus, Touch brewers heat only the water needed demand-instead of heating an entire tank of water, making them as Energy efficient and reliable as they are fast
  • Bigger cup size - 5 cup sizes to choose from (6, 8, 10, 12, and 14oz). compatible with all K-Cup pods, generic cups, Touch bold and xplus

Details: Full-bodied Coffee, exactly the way you like it... when single-serve brewers and Coffee pods came into the market, Coffee lovers celebrated, thinking that they could finally make coffeehouse quality Coffee conveniently at home. Unfortunately, the bold rich flavor and piping-hot Cups simply weren't there, so they had to sacrifice taste for convenience. Until now. Touch completely re-engineered both the single-serve brewing technology and the Coffee capsules to deliver what consumers have craved for so long - Coffee shop quality at home with the convenience of a single-serve brewer... true freedom of choice. With the push of a button, you can select up to 8 cup sizes. You can also choose the brew strength on most models. But don't stop there. If you want a milder cup of Coffee, simply select a larger cup size. And innovative Touch technology brews in significantly less time than many other brewers on the market... fully compatible. All K-Cup pods, generic Cups, Touch bold and plus Cups deliver the exceptional taste that until now was simply not possible with single-serve brewers.

UPC: 745577778708

EAN: 0040232360251