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Waterford Lismore 10-Inch Candlestick Pair

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Brand: Waterford

Color: Clear


  • 10-Inch candlestick pair
  • Crystal
  • Lismore

Hazardous Material Type: Unknown

Details: The Waterford Lismore pattern is a stunning combination of brilliance and clarity. Accentuate the natural beauty of candlelight with the Lismore 10-inch Candlestick Pair. Each elegant crystal candlestick combines the intricate detailing of Lismore's signature diamond and wedge cuts with the comforting weight and stability of Waterford's hand-crafted, fine crystal. Combine quarter cup ammonia with a mild lemon detergent. Rinse in clean water and air dry on a rack. Clean vases and decanters by filling them half-full with moderately hot water, a small amount of mild detergent, two tablespoons of white vinegar or ammonia and 1/2 cup uncooked rice. Swirl the rice around for a few minutes to remove residue.

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