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Woll Diamond Lite/Plus Diamond Reinforced Nonstick Scratch Resistant Cast Aluminum Induction Ready Cookware Set, 10-Piece

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Brand: Woll

Color: Not Applicable


  • Extremely cut and scratch resistant, ultra hard coating with embedded diamond crystals and totally non-stick thanks to superfine nanoparticles
  • Cast handle for safe lifting and handling with an integral, threaded brass insert for sturdy, firmly affixed handles
  • Additionally reinforced edge offers high level of shock resistance and no-mess pouring of sauces
  • Metal utensil, oven and dishwasher safe; PFOA free with a limited lifetime warranty

Details: Woll professional cast products stand for top-quality; top workmanship and top-grade "Made in Germany" articles. All products are individually chill-cast by hand in Germany with a high-quality, refined aluminum alloy - unstressed and without air locks that lower the quality. After careful grinding and micro fine trimming, aluminum titanium oxides or diamond crystals are applied to each pan's surface with a 36,032F/20,000C plasma jet, creating an extremely cut-resistant surface. All Woll professional cast products are subsequently treated with our time-tested and unique non-stick coating - our contribution to low-fat, vitamin-rich and healthful cooking. Consciously Healthy Cooking: Woll's non-stick coating makes for health-conscious, vitamin friendly cooking. Woll professional cast products allow you to prepare food with little or even no fat- and no sticking! Robust Cooking Genius: The surface finish ensures a long-life: Woll professional cast products are resistant to cuts and abrasion. Perfect Bundle of Energy: Woll professional cast products display optimal thermal absorption and heat distribution. The extra-strong, cast bottom prevents distortion, even at extreme temperatures. Diamond Plus: the new generation of diamond reinforced non-stick cookware with an additional application for extreme durability, plus real diamonds in the cooking surface. Why diamonds? Extreme heat distribution, extreme durability, extreme non-stick performance and extreme cooking results. Woll's advanced hand cast technology guarantees no cracking or warping. Robotic and computerized application guarantees no blisters, bubbles or peeling. Oven safe up to 500F/260C. Metal utensil and dishwasher safe. PFOA free with ergonomic handles with brass inserts eliminate loose assembly. Case by hand.

EAN: 4054359000439

Languages: English